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Charles Ponzi


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Carlo Ponzi



Carlo Ponzi, famously known as Charles Ponzi was born in 1882 in Parma Italy.  He grew up in Italy through his younger years and then decided to move to the United States  in November of 1903, he was 21.  Charles was unsure of himself and what he wanted to do.  Bouncing from city to city never staying at one job.  He tried several different jobs, such as a dishwasher, a clerk, a waiter, and a Italian translator.  Many different occupations but never the right one.  Then finally he settled down in Boston around 1917 where he took a typing job and answered foreign mail.  Charles worked honestly for two straight years until one day he discovered a way to make him and investors rich, from that point on it was a life of lies and scandals.  During that time he married a women named Rose who stayed by his side and through everything.  Charles was making money and had a good life until all the scandals caught up with him, then it was a life of trying to keep out of jail.

After all was said and done, in and out of jail, he got released for the last time and got departed back to Italy in 1934.  At the age of 52 he had to start over again.  He worked a few jobs but got caught trying to pull more scams.  He finally got a job as a manger for an airline but after a few years found himself unemployed again for being greedy and scandalous.

Most of the time Charles only had scam on the brain.  His life consisted of trying to find an easy ticket to money.  Scam after scam, honesty never meet him.  He ended up dieing at a young age of 67.  He died at the Rio de Janeiro hospital, in the charity ward.