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Charles Ponzi


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Charles went to jail several different times through out his life.  He even served before he got into the scheme of things.  The first time he served was in 1908.  He served almost two years in the Canadian prison for forgery charges.  Then soon after he got out he went back in for another two year sentence in Georgia for smuggling Italians into the United States over the Canada border.  When Charles got caught for his mail fraud they sentenced him first for five years but during that five years her received another seven to nine.  Charles had a few more sentences for other crimes after his mail fraud, on was in Florida but he jumped bail and ended up in Texas. It was in 1926 in New Orleans when he got caught and got sentenced in Boston for another seven years.  He got out on good behavior in 1934 but got deported to Italy.  He spent almost 27 years in and out of prison. Trying to get rich quick cost him many years of his life.